Information about LED lighting

The vast majority of current lighting can be replaced by LED elements, but, before starting, You should have a few things in mind for saving results, quality, light color and light intensity.

In LED bulbs, the color of the light is indicated in units of kelvin temperature. With the help of a good scale Kelvin, and taking into account the location where you plan to install the same, an excellent tool is obtained to determine the appropriate color for a given bulb.

Different colors or temperatures in a light bulb or LED Dichroic. The warm white color is the closest to incandescent and maintained in a range of 1500K to 3300K units "KELVIN". The neutral white is the heavy and pedantic color CFL light bulbs and usually varies in a range from 3300K to 5300K. The natural white becomes the closest thing to daylight, It is used only in certain cases and varies from the 5300K.

Before purchasing a LED bulb it is important to consider the needs of which is to be placed and verify the characteristics of the bulb where the emission angle or solid angle indicating units Kelvin appears.