Importance of cleaning our air conditioning

Because it is important to keep in good condition your air conditioner filters ?

Maintaining your air conditioning is one of the most important parts for your air conditioner can extend the life and that this function optimally.


Depending on the exchange unit

The air conditioning systems used coolant to transfer heat from the inside to the outside, that is, the evaporator coil to the condensing coil. Maintaining exchange units increases the life of the air conditioning system and reduces equipment operating costs. When the flaps of an exchange unit accumulate quantities of waste including can have consequences, such as:

  • Lowering the efficiency terminca
    • Fouling battery condenser air or a fluid cooler resulting in degraded heat exchange.
    • Fouling of an evaporator or a cold battery central air treatment reaches a decrease of heat exchange that can reach a blockage by ice.
  • Risk of breakdown of equipment
    • Heating compressor damage acosionando.
    • Frost formation on exchangers, returning the liquid refrigerant to the compressors.
  • Increased costs of use
    • Increased operating costs, result of increased periods of operation of the system.
    • Increased operating costs, because of more frequent attendances by breakdown.


Annual maintenance of the exchange unit

It is recommended that this maintenance, minimum, once a year and if possible do it every time you change operation mode, that is; when we are changing the device from cooling to heating and vice versa. That way we ensure proper operation every time the season starts operation of the equipment, ie in winter and summer.