Water softener, health for our home

Nowadays, effects are evident in our environment lime, we can see in our appliances, clothes, taps, etc.

All this is caused because we have a "hard water", which reduces the effect of detergents and leaves mineral deposited on the surfaces with which contact, whether our clothes or hair in our shower. further, it leaves residues in drains and pipes which will eventually result in problems in our appliances and taps.

So in TeuHome we recommend investing in the health of our home and make use of softeners.


What is water hardness ?

It is called water hardness concentration of mineral compounds that exist in a certain amount of water, specifically, calcium and magnesium salts.



What it constitutes decalcification ?

Water hardness occurs due to excess calcium and magnesium, which causes scaling in our plumbing. Descaling is removed through ion exchange such salts of our water and facilities. The water passes through a resin bed, thanks to its chemical characteristics, It is responsible for attracting and retaining lime without altering the characteristic of drinking water.




Benefits of using a water softener.

1- Protection pipes household, preventing and cleaning while the accumulation of lime.

2- Thermal protection or boiler. With hot water tends to become encrusted lime more easily due to heat, so it is important to prevent lime and extend its life.

3- Protection of appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher, etc.

4- Savings in our washing and cleaning products. If our water is not hard, we can optimize the use of detergent and softener in our laundry.

5- energy savings. Soft water is easier to heat, so it will be easier to heat water and save a lot of money in case it has radiators, terms, boilers or accumulators.