Teuhome, plumbing services range from full installation of new construction property, that is, from scratch; to all kinds of repairs that may arise in the normal use of the facilities that comprise your home, housing, local or business.

Our services include three areas::
● Initial installation of sanitary water and heating in your property.
● Repair and possible unforeseen damage that may be caused by the use, or lack of it, in its facilities.
● Maintenance Agreement your house, flat, local or business; by which we perform monitoring of its facilities in ways to avoid any type of damage, or if any that is of the least importance.

In each of these areas, our technicians provide a high level of response to the problem, giving an effective, fast and quality service so its concern as short as possible, and can continue to enjoy their property as normal.

Our services include:

– Installation of sanitary water and heating.
– Repair water leaks and gas.
– Installation and repair of boilers, heaters and heaters.
– Reverse Osmosis and softeners.
– Unblocking pipes and any other.
– Installation of faucets and bathroom accessories.
– Renovation of bathrooms, including changing bathtub shower.
– And any other basic plumbing repair.

For more information or a personalized quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.